Platform and Issues

Raising civic consciousness to build a local government based on truth and merit.

Make the Heights a more desirable, more affordable, place to live

Make the Heights a more desirable, less expensive, place to live. First, we need to beautify Central Avenue. Have you seen the new trees and lampposts that were installed, standing in a bed of scrap? It’s laughable. I think we should also fine landlords who leave their storefront properties vacant for six months or more.We need the kind of live events in Riverview-Fisk Park and Pershing Field that we see downtown. The farmers market is a huge success, but we should have it more than once per week.

Equitable negotiation with real estate developers to benefit the city

Make real estate developers give something to the city for the huge benefits they receive. We need more schools, parks, police, etc. The current administration has made some progress on this front, but very little.

Revamp Leonard Gordon Park

Revamp Leonard Gordon Park. There are parts of the park that you can’t walk through because the sidewalks are gone.

Reduce Traffic

Reduce traffic. I also want to do something about the gridlock rush hour traffic in the Heights. How many more traffic light posts will be taken down by a tractor trailer turning from Manhattan Avenue onto Tonnele Avenue, causing three hours of gridlock. I propose making Manhattan and Carlton Avenues one-way streets in either direction with angled parking on one side of the road. Fewer traffic jams would distress drivers and reduce accidents.

Clean Up Our Streets

Our streets are filthy. And let’s face it, street sweeping doesn’t do very much. We invest in equipment and employees and fine ourselves $50 for a service that leaves the street full of bottles, cans, trash, etc. We don’t need street sweeping twice per week on side streets, or daily on main avenues. We would save more and be cleaner if we had people walking around picking up trash.

Institute a Civilian Complaint Review Board

Civilian Complaint Review Board. This was an excellent proposal that the council did not pass. Our police department should not police itself. A public check on the police would be healthy for our democracy and strengthen public confidence in the police.

What does Truth and Merit Mean?

Truth and Merit: the only two things I can promise voters. Democracy means rule by the people; we cannot rule ourselves if we do not know the truth. I cannot promise a park in your neighborhood, or to pass any particular law, or jobs. But I can guarantee to tell you the truth, and I will. Merit is about changing the culture of our government. Too often, official decisions are made for corrupt reasons. I don't want politics to be a dirty word; I don't want to hear people say, "You can't fight city hall;" I hate seeing the mayor’s name on every government vehicle and public park. We own those vehicles and parks, and we own city hall. I don’t like when police officers accept free food at restaurants while they are on duty because it hurts the public confidence in the police. By the way, I could not promise a merit-based candidacy if I were running on a slate because that would make me beholden to those already I power. I am beholden to you, my neighbors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -John V. Salierno

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